About Us

Our Mission

The Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventist exist to promote the sharing of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ ethnically [TA ETHNAE - "to all people groups"] within its assigned territory through Christ-centered leadership and responsible resource management.
Core Values
Excellence - We intend to offer superior service every time for every church and institution we serve, in every relationship we establish.
Commitment - Servicing and supporting and empowering our churches and schools is our reason for being and to this end we are committed.
Innovation - We encourage initiatives that help us to do things better...to foster continuous learning...to find new ways to serve.
Communication - We consult, ask, inform, and receive information in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere.
Team Work - Our people are the most important resource in our conference.  We are most effective when each person is harmoniously contributing to the level of their capabilities.
Vision Statement

We see the Allegheny East Conference becoming the prime model for efficient, pace-setting Seventh-day Adventist Church organizations, world-wide.  It will be Christ-centered, dynamic, powered by the Holy Spirit.  It will be the prototype of unified leadership, of responsible resource management, of innovative methods, of excellence in ministry.  Within its congregations, it will nurture, edify, train and develop all of God's people for His service.  It will go forth, beautiful as "an army with banners".


"To all people groups"